The rental dispute lawyer’s demand in Dubai is very high due to the conflicts between landowners and tenants. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have also allocated an investment area. Here, anyone can buy a house. Landowners simply need a high return on investments and low maintenance costs. Therefore, moving ex-pats generally have conflicts with them as they try to pay the lowest rents. Hence, these excessive disputes create an inevitable need to hire a rental dispute lawyer in Dubai.

Why do you need a rental dispute lawyer?

A tenant and landlord both need a rental dispute lawyer if there is any non-settling conflict. An official complaint is filed. Our rental dispute lawyer in Dubai assists in pushing the case to the Rental Dispute Settlement Centre. This center is at Dubai Land Department’s office, located at Deira, Dubai.

Our rental dispute lawyer in Dubai are experienced in dealing with:

Higher Rent

Sub-leasing the land

Rent Deposit

Eviction of tenant

Documents required to lodge a complaint?

Please ensure you have the original documents listed below before filing an official complaint:



Emirates ID

The original blue rental contract

Recent DEWA bills

Rent Deposit slips

Copies of cheques issued to the landlord

Ejari certificate

Copy of communication between both parties regarding the conflict

Property’s title deed

Any other document which could support your complaint

A typist will be needed to translate the documents if they are in any other language than Arabic.

Are there any charges to lodge the complaint?

6% of the annual property rent is charged to file the complaint. This should be deposited in the court. However, it should be at least 500AED.

Execution charges of the case is 2% of the annual property rent.

Document translation charges are 105AED per page.

There might be extra court charges for the case which averages but is not limited to 3000AED.

All of the above charges are refundable.

Please book an appointment with our rental dispute lawyers in the UAE for any further information.

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