The real estate market of the UAE is among the world’s largest and biggest markets. Professional advice is imperative to prevent negative consequences. We provide our services in all property matters, whether you want to purchase, rent, lease, or sale. Our property lawyer Dubai keeps each and every document in the record for further use. It is important because the UAE’s real estate market is very mature and developed.

Why do you need a Property Lawyer?

We all know property disputes are one of the major legal disputes. The creditor has to receive money while the debtor isn’t willing to pay. The records of the transactions are also missing in certain cases. 70% of Dubai’s population is filled with ex-pats. Hence, these issues shouldn’t be ignored. This enhances the significance of a property lawyer in Dubai.

A property lawyer assists in:

Purchase of land and construction

Leasing of the land (short and long term)

Regulatory matters

Guidance to landlords

Advice to Tenants

Regulatory matters

Drafting and maintaining the construction contracts

Dealing with the Dubai Land Department

Establishment and License of Real Estate Businesses

Negotiations of time claims for extensions

Rent recovery from the tenant by settlement or Dubai’s land department

Application of Dubai Civil Code

All other property related matters.

Why Us?

At Ittihad Legal Consultants, we offer professional and top-notch property lawyers in Dubai, UAE. This eases up your problems related to real estate. We have handled property disputes and property issues in Dubai and throughout the UAE. Our cases varied from basic to most complicated levels. Hence, we have gained extensive knowledge to study every client’s case with the best of our knowledge. Consequently, we provide time effective solutions. Property law practice is the most focal point of our firm. We have handled countless clients across the UAE, especially in Dubai. Our aim is to protect the rights of our clients. Therefore, we have a keen focus on Dubai’s litigation and arbitration. Ittihad Legal Consultants, take full responsibility and consideration of the documents required for the governmental procedures. Lawyers also take care of all legal approvals required for any property transaction. Clients are from both the private and public sectors and are residing in the UAE and even abroad. Book your appointment now to solve all your problems. You can also reach out to us at the telephone, Facebook, Website, Instagram, LinkedIn or Email.

About Us

Ittihad Legal Consultants & Accounts Regulating Co. Civil case lawyer in UAE & Criminal case lawyer in UAE was established in 2008. The Company is staffed and managed by a professional team of ex-bankers, financial experts, and legal consultants. Our primary mission is to maintain the cash flow of our clients through the retrieval of their outstanding debts from the marketplace.

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