Personal injury law is a branch of tort lawsuit. The person filing a case is known as “plaintiff” and the person been accused is called “defendant”. In personal injury, the plaintiff has undergone some kind of physical, emotional, or monetary harm due to the activities of the defendant. A personal injury lawyer in Dubai is hence, hired. Liability and monetary compensation are two basic issues of a personal injury claim. Suffering is called “damage” when the plaintiff can be compensated with financial costs for the injury. These typically include the medical bill, suffering costs, and others. If you or someone you know has met with any of the following, then you can hire a personal injury lawyer in Dubai.

Personal Injury Lawyer Handles

Accident Injuries

Criminal Injuries

Amputation Injuries

Head & Brain Injuries

Bike Injuries

Wrongful Death

Sports Injury

Work Accidents

Nursing Home Abuse

Slip & Fall

Medical Malpractice

Why Ittihad Legal Consultants?

The team at Ittihad Legal Consultants in Dubai, UAE provides all clients with highly knowledgeable and expert personal injury lawyers. We can help you if you or your loved ones are going through any kind of personal injury due to the negligence of someone else. Our UAE based lawyers are good communicators and we work under full transparency. All personal injury lawyers are trained to fight for all cases at all levels. We are aware of the tactics used by insurance companies to oppose the personal injury case. Therefore, our personal injury lawyer in Dubai can handle them with ease. Our specialties include solving the case quickly and getting most of the clients’ damages recovered.

Initial Consultation is must

Our personal injury lawyers meet you for an initial consultation. It is important to study the case and advice you on the best action. Following are a few important reasons why we prefer an initial consultation

Valid claim:

You can discuss the issue and claims with the lawyer. Based on the facts our lawyers tell you whether you have a legitimate legal claim or not. Our lawyers then tell the best way to deal with the problem.


The second point of the legal consultation is whether you need a lawyer or the case can be solved on your own. We play a fair game with our clients. For instance, our lawyers tell them the financial damages that can be recovered vs the fees of the lawyer. We encourage you to make a wise decision.

Relevant attorney:

After hearing and discussing the case, our attorney tells you whether they can handle your case at their best or not. In case they think they are not the best person, they forward your case to the relevant team member.


After the initial consultation and thorough discussion of the case, the attorney tells you their charges. They also tell you about any other charges you may incur during the legal proceedings. This way both the client and attorney make up the client-attorney relationship and can discuss various questions regarding the case.

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Ittihad Legal Consultants & Accounts Regulating Co. Civil case lawyer in UAE & Criminal case lawyer in UAE was established in 2008. The Company is staffed and managed by a professional team of ex-bankers, financial experts, and legal consultants. Our primary mission is to maintain the cash flow of our clients through the retrieval of their outstanding debts from the marketplace.

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