A bounced cheque is a cheque returned by the bank due to either insufficient funds in the account of the drawer or any other problem. The bank instantly issues a cheque return memo to the issuer of the cheque, stating the reason. Our cheque bounce lawyer in Dubai, UAE are experts. Therefore, they can finish your case quickly, without having you imprisoned.

What happens with a Bounced Cheque in the UAE?

According to a legal law passed in the UAE, if the cheque is bounced, the issuer of the cheque can finish his case with the help of a lawyer. We can help you open another personal or corporate account in another bank. You do not need to go to the police station. However, it is only possible if the cheque is worth less than 200,000 AED.

Information About Fines on Bounced Cheques by Expert Cheque Bounce Lawyer Dubai:

There are different fines on bounced cheques that depend on public prosecution and/or court’s judgment. The cheque bounce lawyer of your case will be well aware of these fines.

What happens with the Issuer of the bounced cheque?

If the cheque receiver files a complaint of the issuer of the bounced cheque, a public prosecutor is appointed to deal with the issuer and asks him to pay the money or face the consequences. If the drawer of the cheque does not agree, or the cheque is worth more than DH200000, or if more investigation is needed, then the case is passed to criminal court. The criminal court convicts the issuer of the bounced cheque. The person is not asked to leave the country at this stage because of the travel ban of a criminal case.

What happens if a corporate cheque is bounced?

The owners and partners are not responsible for a bounced cheque of the company. The only responsible person is the one who signed the cheque. Ittihad Legal Consultants cheque bounce lawyer represents their corporate clients in the police, court, and public prosecution. Our lawyers are available to give legal advice for all the clients whether they’ve been accused or are victims. However, if the company does not have enough funds or assets, the case is passed to the public prosecution or in the court for criminal proceedings. Contact Ittihad Legal Consultants in Dubai, UAE for further details.

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