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Drugs’ law in the UAE has received immense focus due to the increased use of drugs in the country. The law of UAE like many other countries is very strict for the usage, possession, and transferring of narcotics. An individual carrying drugs for medical purposes is supposed to have prescriptions. Otherwise, strict actions are taken to punish the offenders. As a result, this has increased the demand for drug cases lawyer in Dubai, UAE.

Illegal Drug Cases Law of the UAE

The federal government passed the law that any person possessing, selling, and/or transporting drugs will undergo severe penalties. Penalties include fines, jail, and deportation. However, there are cases where an individual is allowed to carry a certain amount of narcotics or psychotropic substances. This is only to allow narcotics for medical and lab purposes. In this case, the individual must have a prescription. Moreover, he should refrain from unlawful usage and trafficking of drugs.

What happens if someone is found with Drugs in UAE?

Anyone carrying illegal drugs will be spontaneously detained. The case will then be passed to the public prosecutor to draft a report stating the intention of the offender. The offender can get bail. However, the court has the right to not grant bail. The drafted report is then passed on to the criminal court of the UAE. The offender can be sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment. Further, the court can also impose a fine and deport the offender from the country. Usually, deporting is not done at this stage. If the individual is caught selling the drugs, he is sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment. Moreover, he is also deported from the country.

Our Drug Cases Lawyers’ charges:

Ittihad Legal Consultants handles cases from basic to intricate complexities. Hence, charges differ from case to case. We ensure complete transparency and a detailed explanation behind every fee and charges. Charges are also based on the experience and seniority of the lawyer. We designate the best drug cases lawyer Dubai for your case to incur less costs. A few charges include advising, meetings, administration, travel, and barrister fees.

Why are we the best choice?

Ittihad Legal Consultants’ lawyers based in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. We are well experienced to deal with such cases. They have in-depth knowledge of the sale, usage, and possession laws of drugs in the UAE. We ensure our lawyers strive hard to remove any false allegations imposed on you. If the allegations are right, then to we ensure they use all the loopholes to mitigate the legal situation for you. Ittihad Legal Consultants aims to provide relief and ease to you by assigning professionals to your case. Please contact us for further details or book a free consultation with us.

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