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A business lawyer is described as an attorney who focuses his/her lawful practice on issues that relate to business problems. A business lawyer in Dubai can represent their client in court. Moreover, they ensure that the company has a clear record in

What does a business lawyer do?

At Ittihad Legal Consultants, all our business lawyers in Dubai, UAE are trained to provide important guidance on business aspects. Starting from establishing it to trading to trade rights, Moreover, we also advise on formal business ventures, lawsuits, and other legal disputes.

Why your company needs a business/Corporate lawyer?

A business lawyer looks into matters in detail from a legal perspective to prevent any legal problem. Our initial fee is only a small percentage of what an attorney will charge if any illegal conflict occurs. A company usually needs a business attorney to advise on:

Business Organization

A business lawyer assists to decide on the optimum business structure for the company.

Intellectual Property

They help to register business offerings for copyright protection and federal trademark. A business lawyer, Dubai helps you achieve this without committing a mistake.


Business lawyers understand the legalities of the company in a better way. Lawyers will also help in creating better-negotiated clients and suppliers.


A business lawyer helps to register your company to obtain a tax registration number from the FTA. Hence, accountants can file the VAT. Income tax is charged 5% in the UAE.

Real Estate

Company thinks that leasing documents, rental legal agreements, and other documents are pre-written and hence, non-negotiable. However, business lawyers in Dubai help to negotiate and settle on the best term for their clients.

Why Ittihad Legal Consultants?

The entire team at Ittihad Legal Consultants understands that commercial activities are getting very troublesome. This is due to the diverse population the UAE welcomes. Our lawyers assist businesses within the UAE to handle any legal dispute. Our team of attorneys in Dubai has expertise in various types of business laws such as debt collection law, criminal law, rental dispute law, and others. Ittihad Legal Consultants in UAE is one of the best law firms to cater to all your legal business problems. Get in touch with us through our social media pages, Email, or telephone. Fill the form on the Contact Us page to get a prompt response from one of our representatives.

About Us

Ittihad Legal Consultants & Accounts Regulating Co. Civil case lawyer in UAE & Criminal case lawyer in UAE was established in 2008. The Company is staffed and managed by a professional team of ex-bankers, financial experts, and legal consultants. Our primary mission is to maintain the cash flow of our clients through the retrieval of their outstanding debts from the marketplace.

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