Quick Guide to Civil Case Checks

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Quick Guide to Civil Case Checks

A lawyer can search the judicial systems in the United Arab Emirates to check for any cases that may be brought against you. Instead of appearing in person at the UAE courts, you can send the essential paperwork to your attorney online

Description of the service

To ensure you are not the subject of any cases, your lawyer will check with UAE courts. This will be done on your behalf by your lawyer. You will receive the results by email in a few days after you send the documents to the lawyer. A lawyer can check the legitimacy of court proceedings brought against you only if you provide him or her with a clear colored copy of your Power of Attorney.

Documents Required:

Current passport
Emirates ID
Residency permit (resident visa page)

If your time and abilities are restricted, this service is ideal for you. What's in the Box

Only in the courts of a single emirate, you will find a complete check. The lawyer will investigate any potential cases filed against you by the court in the emirate that you are choosing (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah). Authorization for the preparation of a Power of Attorney, the lawyer can send you a required electronic draught of the Power of Attorney to your email. Your attorney will also send you the findings of the check via email itself. The results will show whether you have any cases filed against you in the judicial system of a specific emirate, and if so, brief information about the cases filed, such as case type, case number, subject of the lawsuit, and plaintiff's name will be mentioned. Your lawyer will guide you / advise in general on what to do in such a case. A client's privacy on personal information and conversations with their attorney is protected by the attorney-client privilege

What's Not Included

Check-in multiple courts. This service must be purchased separately if you wish to check the court of another UAE

Details about the lawsuits:

Your lawyer will not provide details about any of the cases. It is recommended that you hire a lawyer if you need more information than what is in the report.

Attorney authorization is required

An attorney must be given Power of Attorney to perform the required check. All related expenses, including but not limited to Legal Translations, Attestations, Courier delivery, and so on, will be yours. Separate checks can also be done on possible UAE travel bans and arrest warrants. Any additional services and work that the lawyer may provide beyond those, described above will require a separate agreement.


By utilizing this service, you can find out whether you have been sued in any Court of the Emirates. To determine whether you are liable for lawsuits filed in another emirates' court system, you may have to do additional research. You may need to hire a lawyer to perform the research

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